Best Pizza in Town!

Locally owned and operated for over 35 years, King’s Inn Pizza Parlor is known to many as the best restaurant in Eden, NC. Our customers return time and time again to enjoy our comfortable dining atmosphere, friendly staff, and most of all, the best pizza in town! King's Inn Pizza Parlor has hundreds of reviews across the internet and you can see more on Yelp, Facebook, Tripadvisor and FourSquare
If you're on the road and need a good pizza to fill you up then this is the spot.  Friendly folks, and for the south good pizza.
Chris M
As a truck driver you can find pizza joints all over but here they are really really really really good!
— Robert
As good as it gets!!! I'm more partial to joints like King's Inn, Elizabeth's and the late, great, Pizza Station over the slicker Papa Johns, Domino's, etc.

Pizza Inn conjures up images of my childhood in Rockingham County. The stringy cheese, spicy pepperoni and sausage,  and flavorful mushrooms atop a crispy thin crust was, and is, pure perfection.

I see that after all these years, the place stays packed. My last time in was when I came home for Thanksgiving and got the yen for authentic pizza. I ordered my usual Royal (pepperoni, sausage and mushroom), and it was outstanding as usual. Feels like I picked up where I left off back in the 90s.

I miss Pizza Station, heavens knows, but King's Inn fills the void wonderfully.
Best pizza in town! I go there at least once a week!
— Ryan
The best pizza in Eden.
— Benjamin
Kings Inn Pizza is the best restaurant in town!  Family owned and operated. Their pizza is absolutely amazing and I have never had a bad meal here in the nearly 40 years I've been visiting them. It has my highest recommendation!
— TB